The Black Barn: A restaurant, not a stable

By Nancy Jaffer
January 31, 2016

The interior of the Black Barn in New York City.

We all know HITS impresario Tom Struzzieri is multi-dimensional (yes, he’s a hotelier and he’s big into triathlons, as well as shows) but I was interested to learn he also has a restaurant in Manhattan, which he started with a childhood friend, John Doherty. And what’s it called? The Black Barn. It had to have a link to horses, right?

So when I was in New York on business recently, I made a point of going there, not sure what to expect.Tturns out it’s a neat place, a big expanse with a beamed ceiling (just like a barn) but refined American food. From a steak sandwich to trout, heavenly ravioli and much more, the choices are perfectly suited to the space. If you happen to be in town, give it a try.