Three eventers suspended after they test positive

Samples collected from three riders at last month’s Ocala-Reddick Florida event—including CIC 3-star winner Hannah Sue Burnett, who was aboard Harbour Pilot–revealed the presence of stimulants, according to the FEI(international equestrian federation). The findings related to anti-doping rules for human athletes.

The positives involve prohibited substances on the list of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA). However, the U.S. Equestrian Federation noted that contrary to published speculation, “cocaine was not detected in any samples taken at the event.”

Hannah Sue, Jennie Brannigan and Alyssa Phillips are provisionally suspended from participating in FEI and USEF sanctioned activities in accordance with WADA’s Mandatory Provisional Suspension requirements.

Jennie, 21st in the CIC 3-star on Cambalda, explained, “My recent positive test, while devastating news to me, was the result of a medication that had been recently prescribed to me by my doctor. My use of this prescribed medication had absolutely nothing to do with trying to enhance my sport performance, and I hope that once my explanation is provided to the FEI, I will be able to return to the sport I love.”

Alyssa, seventh in the 1-star on Cooley Caviar, stated this afternoon “Earlier today, the FEI publicly disclosed that I tested positive for Amfetamine and Canrenone at an event in Florida last month.

“I wanted it known that my doctor prescribed both banned substances to me for legitimate medical conditions and that I openly declared both substances to the doping control officer as part of the testing process. I was not trying to enhance my performance through the use of either substance and my case is certainly not one involving the intentional use of a banned substance.I will apply to the FEI for a retroactive therapeutic use exemption for these two prescribed medicines. If granted, I will no longer be charged with a positive test.”

Hannah Sue did not put out a statement today.


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