Here’s how the Brits will do it, looking ahead to the next Olympics

Britain has a new performance management plan, utilizing a  partnership with an emphasis on sports science and tailored coaching, while “building on excellence” in the existing coaching program.

Richard Waygood will become the  world class eventing performance manager, an announcement  that follows news of former German coach and British citizen Christopher Bartle being appointed to the newly created role of performance coach.

The new program for the eventing squad  is part of a greater plan to continue improving performance for the next Olympic cycle. This concept will be “more individually tailored,” putting a  greater focus on human and equine sports science, “as well as examining opportunities to improve the collective horsepower in Great Britain” and seeking to build on success.

Richard, who has been the performance manager for dressage, commented that  holding his new position has been “ a lifelong ambition.”

Chris commented, “It’s exciting and yet daunting to be offered the opportunity to train the British team. On the other hand, it’s with sadness that I leave behind the German team and all those at the DOKR and the German Federation with whom I have worked over the last 16 years. I am equally delighted that Richard Waygood has agreed to come on board as performance manager for eventing. I can’t imagine a more suitably qualified person for this position.

Eventing Chief Executive David Holmes noted, “Following 17 successful years under Yogi Breisner, we are thrilled to have found such an experienced team in Richard and Chris to take the British eventing squad forward. This combination will not only help us advance our elite level athletes but also to use their knowledge and skills to enable us to develop pathways throughout our sport so that we can produce a stronger performance culture from ponies to podium.

“As we look towards Tokyo 2020, Richard and Chris will be key for eventing to ensure the World Class team has the skills, tools and support to reach its full potential.”

Clare Salmon, chief executive of the BEF, stated: “Other sports will also be a great source of inspiration as we strive for a winning culture across the disciplines with the quest for a new performance director being key in our new approach within the World Class Program.”

The World Class Program will begin recruiting a new performance director, who will be responsible for driving the process of change across the entire program. This role will be joined by a new position as they also seek a head of performance support.

Richard and Chris will take over in January, succeeding Yogi, who has been eventing performance manager since 2000.


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