Jersey Fresh adds land to expand

Such top eventers as Buck Davidson and Boyd Martin wondered after May’s Jersey Fresh International Three-Day Event whether the Horse Park of New Jersey had sufficient room to run its CCI 2- and 3-star competitions.

While they felt the space was fine for shorter CICs, they thought that CCI courses had to double back on themselves because of a shortage of acreage.

As Buck noted during this year’s event, “Because there’s so little land, I really think horses lose focus going back and forth…there’s always been talk about more land…my personal feeling for this place has always been that if that land doesn’t become available, I don’t think it’s a CCI place.”

But today, the event’s organizing committee announced a solution. Negotiations with state, county and local entities in charge of land surrounding the park have concluded with the ability to expand competition to acreage where competitors previously only exercised their mounts.

And this is, as the organizers see it, “a precursor of longer-term plans to obtain additional space for future events.”

It’s part of “ongoing efforts that continue to enhance competitor and spectator experience” at the event, often a selection trial for international championships, such as the Rio Olympics that begin this weekend.

The last two years have seen enormous changes at JFI,” says Dan Wunderlich, chairman of the JFI organizing committee. “Once again we move forward, bringing the next stages of our vision for the Event to fruition by focusing on developing additional prime acreage generously made available for future cross-country competition.”

jersey fresh cc may 14 no. 7937 brush fence ryan wood powell l300pi
Jersey Fresh 2016 CCI 3-star winner Ryan Wood and Powell. (Photo copyright bby Nancy Jaffer)

The 2017 edition of Jersey Fresh is set for May 10-14. 

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